Our Solution For Schools


Don't come to a conclusion straightaway, hear out what school has to say.


Your child spends more than 8 hours a day in school, Inform the school where you see any room for improvement


Everyone needs motivation, Appreciate your child's teacher.


Intimate school about sick child or any other scheduled vacation or send any other message.

Real Time Dashboard

Don't get caught off guard - Know which areas need your urgent attention

Survey and Poll

Parents get to have their say and Management makes critical decisions using authenticated data

Food Menu

Know what your child is eating everyday at school


Book an appointment with a particular teacher or school’s management without any hassle


No surprises after reaching home

Payment Gateway

Pay school fees os for food or any other extra-curricular activity instantly


Always be there for your child's important school event


Child's school bag too heavy - Have only required stuff in it


Plan your evening based on child's homework

Student Rating

Be up to date with your child's progress and behaviour in school


Platform for Parents to speak up their mind and be up to date with their kid’s performance

Mechanism for teachers to get all the required support from parents and school management

Open communication channel for school management with parents and school staff

Increase loyalty among pupil and staff


About Us

NxtLife Technologies (a UK Based Product Development Company) formed by group of passionate people from London Business School to develop innovative solutions that will assist people to do things right, bring a change and make an impact.

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